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Burokkorī Samurai Organic T-Shirt

Burokkorī Samurai Organic T-Shirt

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Burokkorī Samurai organic cotton t-shirt, a masterpiece inspired by the elegance and strength of Japan's samurai tradition. Crafted with the finest organic cotton, this t-shirt embodies a harmonious blend of sustainability and style.

Our commitment to ethical practices shines through in every stitch of this eco-friendly garment. Made from 100% organic cotton, our organic cotton t-shirts are not only soft and comfortable but also gentle on the planet. By choosing organic cotton shirts, you're supporting sustainable agriculture and reducing the environmental footprint of your wardrobe.

Burokkorī Samurai is part of the historical collection: Meiji Bunch


Available from XS to 4XL - 100% organic cotton - Top quality product - Heavyweight t-shirt (170 - 180 g/m2) - Side seams - Unisex

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