Collection: BYC Organic T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweater

BYC, ByContrast's philanthropic collection featuring premium organic t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters adorned with bold and flashy ByContrast logos. Crafted with organic cotton and recycled materials, each piece reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

In addition to stylish apparel, BYC also encompasses an engaged poem titled "Be Who I See," written by ByContrast's founder, Jon, and performed by AI-generated personas from diverse backgrounds. This poem symbolises our dedication to fostering a more ethical fashion industry while embracing new technologies for positive change.

As part of our mission to make a difference, 10% of BYC merchandise sales are donated to the charity Labour Behind the Label, supporting workers' rights in the fashion industry. 

Watch "Be Who I See" now