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Kuraun Ninja Organic T-Shirt

Kuraun Ninja Organic T-Shirt

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Kuraun Ninja, the premium organic t-shirt blending Japan's stealthy ninja tradition with bold self-expression. Crafted from top-tier organic cotton, this tee embodies comfort and reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Blend of subtlety and boldness, mirroring the ninja's discretion with a bold splash of flashy green, symbolising vibrant hair. More than just a shirt, it's a statement of values ; made sustainably and ethically. By choosing this premium organic tee, you support eco-friendly fashion and promote inclusivity, celebrating individuality while honouring tradition.

Kuraun Ninja is part of the historical collection: Meiji Bunch


Available from XS to 4XL - 100% organic cotton - Top quality product - Heavyweight t-shirt (170 - 180 g/m2) - Side seams - Unisex

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