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Captain Aubergine Minimalist Organic T-Shirt

Captain Aubergine Minimalist Organic T-Shirt

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Captain Aubergine, the premium t-shirt that celebrates individualism within societal norms. Crafted from the finest organic cotton, this shirt not only offers superior comfort but also reflects our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Captain Aubergine design is a bold invitation to express your unique identity while navigating the confines of societal expectations. With its vibrant colours and standout style, this shirt empowers wearers to embrace their individualism and challenge conformity.

Made sustainably and ethically, Captain Aubergine is more than just a piece of clothing – it's a statement of values. By choosing this premium t-shirt, you're not only supporting eco-friendly fashion but also championing a more inclusive and diverse society.

Captain Aubergine is part of the historical collection: Victorian Stars


Available from XS to 4XL - 100% organic cotton - Top quality product - Heavyweight t-shirt (170 - 180 g/m2) - Side seams - Unisex

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